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For the tenth year, we’ve gathered the opinions of Canadian private business leaders to find their outlook for the year ahead and to generate ideas for creating a profitable and sustainable Canadian private sector.

Over the coming months, we’ll release a series of Business Insights content that take a closer look into some of the leading issues impacting Canadian private companies.

Balancing digital opportunity with cybersecurity risk

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting midmarket companies and startups, often as a gateway to other organizations, or in the hope of easy access to sensitive data. The cost to a business can be high, ranging from financial loss to reputational damage. With heightened awareness, private companies can be better prepared for the inevitable.

In this report we focus on the hot topic of cyber security and ask the key question: are private companies doing enough to protect themselves?


Growing with purpose: Driving profitability through transformation

Profitability pressures are relentless. This, combined with ongoing economic challenges, is prompting most companies to find additional ways to trim operating costs. This can be a tall order for businesses that have already worked to improve their cost structures and margins over the past several years. However, private company leaders recognize that improving profitability is a critical lever to achieving their ultimate goal of sustainable growth.

In this report, we focus on three elements that can help businesses realize higher customer value: controlling cost, consolidation and supply chain management.

Are Canadian private companies as profitable as they could be or are there other opportunities that have yet to be explored? It might be time to abandon conventional wisdom and consider doing things differently.