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More than 208,000 people in 157 countries across our network share their thinking, experience, and solutions to develop fresh perspectives, innovative approaches and practical advice. They are shaping the debate and driving change for a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

We provide organisations with the professional services they need, to help them succeed and solve their business issues, identifying and maximising the opportunities they seek. Our industry specialisation allows us to help co-create solutions with our clients across their individual sectors of interest.

Audit and Assurance:

Helping clients to innovate and grow in an increasingly competitive environment

In Assurance, we understand how businesses work from the inside. PwC's Assurance professionals ask questions, test assumptions, and evaluate whether companies are reporting information that investors and others can rely on. We combine our sharpened technical skills and extensive sector experience to help clients address the challenges of a rapidly changing environment and to strengthen their businesses.

We’re focused on extracting insight from data. Using our ground-breaking data assurance approach – Halo, tools and technologies we’ve built, we can test the reliability of all the data. Not just a sample. We use interactive visualisation to present the results, revealing patterns and trends not visible before. Providing management boards and stakeholders with deeper insight into their operations, risks and performance thus enabling them to be more transparent and increase confidence.

Others talk about the audit of the future, but we’re delivering it today. We’re linking innovation with trust and turning data into insight.

Risk Assurance

Our Risk Assurance professionals anticipate and respond to the risks clients are vulnerable to. From cyber security and technological risks to financial and environmental concerns, we provide services and opportunities across regulatory, compliance and internal controls by looking beneath the surface to understand and manage risk across entire business processes and operations. Our balanced mix in different fields of expertise helps clients make better-informed decisions in safeguarding their interests within today’s complex operating environment.

Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory 

The PwC Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory group solves complex financial reporting issues that surround deals and other transformational events. We advise our clients in moments of exceptional change around deals, stress and accounting change helping them shape strategy and transformation. We address complex financial reporting problems creatively, successfully navigating our clients around accounting complexity and change. We work on high profile transactions with significant interaction with senior company management teams, bankers, lawyers and other advisors.

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Finding and implementing winning strategies

Our Advisory professionals help organisations of all shapes and sizes grow faster and work smarter by solving their most complex business issues, from strategy to implementation. Our client might need help entering new markets, addressing the challenges created by organisational change, driving innovation within the organisation, or solving whatever complex issues they might face.

Our clients are asking us to provide teams with a wide range of skills. Teams that are capable of providing support at every stage of a project or a transaction, all the way from creating a strategy to implementing that strategy in their business objectives.

We’re more tightly integrating our breadth of expertise in order to deliver strategy in execution. And our clients are looking to us for help in realising the benefits of advancing technologies.

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Tax and Legal 

Harnessing technology to transform tax systems

At PwC, Tax is far more than just taxes. We are business advisors to our clients on their business strategies and implementation, from advising on government policies, free trade zones, and legal services to multinational company entry strategies.

We help clients create high-performing businesses that set the pace for industry. We use our knowledge and experience to help the private and public sectors understand complex tax rules and make informed decisions, help organisations and individuals maximise their tax efficiency and manage their tax risks, and offer a range of business-focused core legal services.

The increasing use of technology is transforming tax and changing our future.

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