Our people

Read the stories of our people, as they share their experiences and achievements with you.

Noémi, Manager in Human Capital

Originally graduated as a kindergarten teacher, colour-blind and a passionate recruiter

I joined PwC in January 2010 as a member of the Hungarian resourcing/recruitment team. Overall I have more than 9 years’ experience in recruitment (from both the agency and corporate perspective). Currently I lead the Hungarian Recruitment Team and our activities cover several areas from selection and talent attraction to employer branding, direct searches etc.
I can honestly say that PwC is the best fit for me! Why? Because at PwC the high level of commitment about what we do, and the high level of ambition creating and delivering the best quality of service make the whole atmosphere special, inspiring and dynamic.
And the opportunities are everywhere….I have a chance to work on regional projects with people from different cultures; I had the chance to spend time in PwC UK in London, gathering and sharing best practices, I dreamt about creating a unique online business game for graduates and this dream has just become reality…..It’s never an easy "journey" to reach these goals; it requires hard work, of course, but it’s worth doing because you can work with amazingly talented people....And people are the essence of PwC.


Andrey, Consultant in Advisory Deals

Studying ACCA and plan to work iat PwC US

I work as a Consultant in Advisory Deals (Transaction Services) for PwC. I chose PwC because I wanted to work in a large multinational company with wide personal and career growth opportunities. Working in Transaction Services gives me a chance to work in a number of different industries - Oil & Gas, Telecom, Leasing, Real Estate, Engineering, etc. It gives me great insight into how businesses operate across the industries and across Europe, which for me is very important.
Before joining PwC I didn't know that I would encounter such a wide variety of skills in PwC! As a consultant, you can be involved in multiple projects at the same time, which allows you to gain a lot more experience, but which also requires you to live up to the expectations. And you can acquire those skills while studying and working in PwC.


Ivan, Assistant Manager in Advisory Deals

Classical music fan and theoretical physicist

I work as Assistant Manager in the Advisory Deals (Mergers & Acquisitions group) with PwC. I’ve dramatically changed the direction of my professional development several times already. Since my childhood and until the end of my school year, I devoted myself to classical music and wanted to be a pianist in the Moscow Conservatory. Then I decided to be a physicist and enrolled at the Moscow State University, where I studied theoretical physics for almost 6 years. When I was about to graduate, I was pretty sure that I didn’t want to pursue a career in science, and I really struggled with a career path. My friend who worked in PwC advised me to try working in their Assurance Department. The next day I applied and successfully passed the tests and interviews.
After four wonderful years with the Assurance team, I decided to try working in Advisory with the M&A group. My role as Assistant Manager is to act as a project management in the deals process: I communicate with clients and investors, building financial models and preparing investment documentation, helping companies to raise capital, advising corporations on acquisitions and/ or shareholders on the sale of their businesses.


Gábor, Partner in Accounting Consulting

Originally a computer hacker, now a world traveller, trainer and international accounting guru

I am a Partner, with regional responsibility for accounting issues and training. I started with PwC (or PriceWaterhouse as it once was...) back in 1997. While this might sound boring, it is far from that. I had the chance to work with exciting clients, from Magyar Telekom to a pig farm in Russia, and a coal mine in the Gobi desert. I get the opportunity to visit exciting countries to help our colleagues and clients there, I meet interesting people, try out local dishes and experience new cultures every day. What I appreciate in PwC is that we have so many talented people to work with in every office. We are all different, yet we can still speak the same language!

Gábor, Manager in Accounting Consulting

IFRS geek and Hungarian ironman

I joined PwC after auditing for another Big Four firm for over 4 years. I was looking for new challenges and I found these at the Accounting Consulting group of PwC. In Accounting Consulting I participate in accounting advisory projects and IFRS transition engagements, which is really exciting for me. In Hungary members of the Accounting Consulting groups also run PwC's Academy, which delivers professional qualifications and client specific. When I graduated from the University, I was interested in pursuing a teaching career, so I am very pleased that I can also fulfil my teaching ambitions in my current role.
I truly believe in life-long learning and PwC provides the needed support for that – I am currently studying in the CIMA qualification.
I would advise people interested in working with PwC to test their limits and speak up for their ambitions, as there are many opportunities to take advantage of at PwC.


Ena, Assurance - RAS - Assistant Manager

Yoga and travel fan who loved living in London

I studied Information systems and Economics at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. In my final year I came across the opportunity to join PwC as an intern in their Risk Assurance team, specializing in IT audits and business process reviews.
Working for PwC offers a wide range of opportunities for young professionals. I like to try different things, and at PwC I have a chance to work on projects that span diverse industries. What I really appreciate about PwC is that we invest in people. Opportunities for learning and development are vast, whether internally through professional qualifications, trainings and workshops, or outside PwC through universities. I am grateful that two years ago when I decided to take a year off to earn my Master’s degree at London School of Economics, PwC supported my decision and offered me a new job upon graduation.


Semir, Assurance - Associate

Traveller, proud member of the couchsurfing society, photography admirer

After my studies abroad, my main career goal was to work for an international company. PwC is one of the rare firms in Bosnia and Herzegovina where you can build a career with international perspectives, so it looked like a perfect place for me. Besides, I always wanted to work in audit. It is a highly valued profession in the financial sector, and it gives you an opportunity to learn a lot.
PwC is a place where young people have great career growth opporutnities, their value is recognised, and they also have great responsibilities. This job challenges you in many areas, it’s not just about working, it’s also about developing yourself. After each ACCA exam, or new client, or new job you are assigned to, you come out stronger and more self-confident. By working here, you can learn that your achievements are only dependant on your wishes and your effort, because this is a place where all big things start.


Sanja, Assurance - Senior Associate

Tennis player & adrenaline sport lover

During my college year I was an athlete, and I always had the opportunity to be surrounded by motivated young people who are true team-players. On top of that, we were all from different educational and cultural backgrounds, and we all interacted on a daily basis and functioned well as a team. PwC attracted me not only for its amazing career opportunities, but also for the possibility of interaction and cooperation with amazing people.
Another great thing about PwC is represented by our clients, who are all from different industries. Every new project with PwC gives me a chance to learn something new and to face new challenges. All in all, PwC is an amazing place for motivated people because it gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself not only professionally, but also personally. It allows you to get to know yourself during interactions with different people and when working under pressure, and PwC supports the courage and freedom to try something new.

Liene, Advisory – Consultant

I joined PwC in the summer of 2011 as a Junior Consultant in Advisory and I still have clear memories of my first day - after I had spent the first half of the day learning about internal rules and getting to know contents of my new laptop, I was ready to meet my new colleagues. I came to my desk, said "Hello" to everybody and without any hesitation I was approached by a Senior Manager who advised me to have a quick lunch because soon we were leaving to a client meeting. This situation reflects one of the features I like the best in PwC - although I started as a Junior Consultant and there were many hierarchy levels above me, I have always been actively engaged in client projects and not left in the office while other more experienced colleagues meet with clients or participate in brainstorming meetings. In PwC everybody is an important team member and has the opportunity to contribute.
What else I value at my job is that no two days are alike - every day brings new challenges - and the opportunity to work hand in hand with international colleagues - experts in various subjects from different countries. And now from September 2014 I will continue enjoying the challenges and the international environment even further - I have accepted an opportunity to join PwC Frankfurt and after a year I will bring back my developed skills and gained experience to the Latvian market.


Raitis, Assurance - Assistant Manager

Enjoys studying ACCA and looks for lifetime education

I joined PwC shortly after graduating from Ventspils University College. My favourite subjects have always been mathematics and finance. I looked at PwC because I wanted to work in a large multinational company with wide personal and career growth opportunities in a long term. Today I record six successful seasons in my career. Indeed, the time has passed so quickly. Working with PwC gives chance to work in a number of different industries. It is a place where finance and accounting theory applies to practice. Everyday work gives a great insight how companies are built and organized and how business operates across the industries and territories.
I had a chance to work with talented and ambitious people in any level of PwC and our clients. It`s not an easy exercise to succeed in PwC but it’s worth doing because of skills, knowledge and experience you gain in exchange for your efforts.


Evija, Marketing and Communication - Assistant Manager

I joined PwC Latvia as a marketing and communication leader in the summer of 2013. I’ve been into communication for over ten years; I know how powerful a spoken or written word can be, and I’ve seen respectful and honest communication working miracles. Communication is not merely a series of letters; communication does its job through a glance, gesture, facial expression and tone of voice, yet above all, it’s what we do that matters. Words without deeds are worth nothing.
I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Riga Technical University and a Master’s degree in Information and Communication from Riga Stradina University, and I’m fond of theatre. I’m happy to be a part of PwC because they can talk the talk and walk the walk around here. Every one of us feels valued and is given a chance to achieve their ambitions. If your values match PwC’s, you’ll be an insider.


Vita, Tax and Legal Services - Senior Manager

Passionate about tax advising and Geocaching hunter

When I joined PwC I was looking for job with international exposure and growth in my area of specialisation. Now more than few years down the track, I can assure that working at PwC satisfies both these requirements. Moreover, I have discovered hidden appetite for new projects on the verge of impossible, i.e. 'terra incognita", gives you a lot of professional fulfilment and pride.
Continuous learning and progress enabled me to solve complex problems and to lead the team on projects comprising tax and audit people in 4 countries. It is great to work with amazing people that each is different personality on their own and yet they are forming even greater team. I have confidence in success even in very challenging situations and this confidence actually bring success not only in the job situation but also outside the job. I saved the local primary school from liquidation in the middle of crisis. I was literally fighting against municipality and army of bureaucrats for 8 months and won!!!! There is opinion outside the PwC that the work-life balance tends to be inclined more in towards work. I cannot deny that the working hours are intense, but I also apply the same towards my hours outside work. I dare to say that I manage the quality of my leisure time even more intensely and at the higher level during these hours than I did before joining PwC. Together with my family and kids I am passionate about cycling, football, geocaching and discovering the history of my ancestry.