Where do you fit in

Great people make us a great business. Our people make a difference every day in our lines of service, including Assurance, Advisory and Tax. Explore more about our service areas, and make the right decision where you would like to join and to have the best opportunities to excel and shine.

Where do you fit in?

Embarking on a new challenge at PwC is not only an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills and getting new ones but it is also a splendid start in your career.

Working with us, you would have a unique access to the global knowledge and opportunity to learn from highly skilled professionals. Thanks to a blended learning program involving professional qualifications as well as interpersonal skills you will have unrivalled possibilities for development. Join us as an Intern in advisory department and quickly get your hands on some exciting work and develop an in-depth understanding of our clients‘ business and industries.

Check our departments and see where do you fit in.


We are looking for talented and ambitious people who do not want just to “work in numbers”.

We are seeking those, who can perceive something more apart from its analytical dimension.

Your internship or work as Associate will consist in audit projects realization support. As auditors we offer our clients a comprehensive high quality audit service which fulfils certain legal requirements and delivers a wide range of other business assurance products. You will pursue tasks basin on companies’ accounts checking, using our innovative auditing methodology, and give assurance to stockholders that the financial statements are true and correct. In addition, we also offer assistance in public offerings and our experienced advice on accounting and business issues.


We look for individuals who have very strong analytical skills and profound financial knowledge together with business understanding.

We are seeking students and graduates who hwlp our firm operate with quality and integrity.

During your internship or work in this department, you will assist in delivering the finance, economic and strategic advice to various companies and institutions. Usually we are in the position of the leader in mergers and acquisitions as well as privatization in strategic sector. As a part of your everyday duties, you will have to gain the information about market, carrying out various analysis of business environment, preparing the chosen part of the offers, reports or presentations as well as helping in preparing financial models for the specific business.


Working in tax advisory department requires not only accuracy, good verbal reasoning and responsibility due to adequate law interpretation but there is also a strong demand for searching for unconventional solutions as well as ability to get out of the proverbial box.

Your internship or work would consist in support for the teams running project sin tax advisory. What we do is focused on searching for economical tax structures and methods for financing business activities of our clients. We strive for implementing improved control procedures, which results in better corporate management.

The tasks that you will be involved in are connected with data analysing with paying special attention to the correctness of settlements in terms of appropriate law, preparing tax planning solutions, operational research for setting appropriate methods of business activities as well as preparing tax documentation.