Starting a new career is a significant step. From the first day, you will become a member of a team – team that will help you to start your career successfully.


Your Onboarding process starts when you sign your offer letter. Our portal for pre-hires gives a lot of useful information about how to prepare for joining and what your first days and weeks will look like. You will also have an opportunity to connect with us as well as with your peers, who will be joining with you. As it is a global platform, you can also connect with people in different locations.

Interactions in the portal will make you part of our team. You will become familiar with our internal culture, you will be well informed and ready for a productive start of your career.


When you walk in the office door on day one, your agenda start with induction programme. You will learn about our vision, values and strategy and where you can contribute to it best.

Your Buddy and Coach will lead you and help you to make introductions, form your network and integrate successfully. Your Coach will also guide you in your career development. Our new joiners remark positively about how friendly, inclusive and supportive our culture is. You will feel valued, welcome and inspired by the people who will be your colleagues.


When you are well established already, you will proceed along your business's learning curriculum, so that you acquire all practical skills necessary for professional client service. Your coaching and mentoring network will accelerate your professional growth and increase the number of relationships you have within PwC and business community. You will operate within PwC’s culture and organization confidently and successfully.