We want all our new joiners to feel welcome at PwC. With our onboarding program we will support you in becoming a motivated and productive staff member and colleague as soon as possible. Therefore we organize your onboarding in a standardized, structured way with several people around you and making sure you find your way.  


Feel welcome and find your way


Our Onboarding process starts when you consider PwC as a prospective employer. From the time you sign your offer letter, we’re working hard to ensure that your first day arrival is one that you’ll remember. During this period:

  • You will have ongoing communication with our colleagues to get you prepared for your first day.
  • You will be provided with an initial insight to PwC culture and business.
  • We help you to feel included, informed, aligned and ready to begin.



When you walk in the door on day one, you’ll join the firm’s PwC induction program with other new joiners. It will give you an overview of our vision, values and strategy so that you can begin to see what life is like at PwC. As part of your Onboarding, you’ll be allocated a buddy and coach who will work with you and help you find your way. We’ve also got an Onboarding Plan that you can use to help you structure your performance, coaching and development against the new joiner expectations. It just makes your life a bit easier because we’ve done the hard work for you.
We make all efforts to make you feel valued, welcome and inspired by the people who will be your colleagues.


Once you're up and running, you'll participate in your business's learning curriculum to give you the practical skills you need to service your clients. The coaching and mentoring network will accelerate your professional growth, increase the number of relationships you have within PwC and business community, and you will able to confidently and successfully  operate within PwC’s culture and organization.