Internship at PwC

At certain point of your studies you are making decisions about your future career considering all kinds of information, listening to friends and your close people, but there is nothing like your own experience. Internship provides a unique opportunity to find out about: 

  • What kind of work you would really like to do.
  • The company culture that would keep you motivated or
  • How people you work with can best keep you engaged and help learn new things. 

PwC offers more than 700 internships annually across the 29 countries of the CEE and more than 88% of those interns continue their careers with us when they graduate. 

What you can expect from Internship at PwC?

Client experience and insight

You will closely interact with colleagues and you coach working together on variety of projects where you will put in to practice what you’ve learnt. You will work on challenging assignments and help solving real client issues within teams of highly skilled professionals. That shall provide you with realistic insight in to the profession, as well as to PwC culture and practice.  

Training, coaching and development

You will participate in training designed to develop your skills. There are workshops and online trainings mostly at the beginning of the learning experience. Together with coaching and on-the-job experience it makes an important part of your development at PwC. Coaching shall help you to achieve higher performance and shape your future career with purpose.


Participate actively in activities supporting networking and socializing within your office. Relationship building is instrumental to overall career success.

Our interns said

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When I started my internship in PwC and got a list of tasks, first I was confused. I thought I should do it all by myself because my senior colleagues should be too busy to help me. But I realised very quickly that one of the most important values in PwC is team spirit and cooperation. When I had questions about any audit procedures or I had difficulties while communicating with clients I always got help from my colleagues. And I was always trying to help them back when I got a free minute. This PwC style of work makes everyone feel confident about completing tasks in time and to an excellent quality. Moreover it`s the best way to meet good people and find new friends!


My internship at PwC started about 6 months ago within the Management Consulting team. I never had thought I could improve my skills so much over such a short period of time. I was able get an insight on the daily work of a management consultant - the desired field of my future profession.

I feel that it is a great opportunity to work on projects that challenge me every day professionally while at the same time it doesn't really seem like working anymore, since I enjoy what I do. With PwC I am not a just another intern out of the thousands that work in the consulting world every day, but I am treated as an equal member of the team - this motivates me and all of us day-by-day in creating real value. A great team, working environment, international projects: just the top of the list of the reasons why I can only recommend PwC to anyone with a spark for consulting!


I’ve been a Finance intern at PwC for 9 months.Why I loved and still love working here?

Because I gain valuable professional knowledge, I work with really nice and helpful people. I had flexible working schedule so I had time also for my studies. As an intern I had the chance to apply for a graduate position so now I'm an Audit Associate.


I started my experience as a Learning & Development Intern in January 2013. I had a great transition, all my colleagues were very considerate and helped me to fit in with the group right after my arrival. I quickly got my own tasks too. Every day brings me a new challenge. Not a single day is the same as the previous ones. I quickly developed skills that could be useful wherever I might go later in my life. Working for PwC is an always exciting and valuable experience.

How you can make the most of your internship?

Never hesitate to ask

Ask thoughtful questions and seek information. Listen actively and take notes when receiving instruction. If you are in doubt, ask again.

Be eager and enthusiastic

Be willing to take on any task assigned no matter how small. In certain positions, excelling at the basics can lead to getting more responsibilities.

Be open to feedback

Ask your manager how you’re doing. What can you do differently? What could you do better? Are you meeting the goals of the organization? Once you have that feedback, use it for your development.

Understand the office norms and culture

Ask, network and learn by doing.

Build your network

This is your chance to build relationships with people at all levels. Get to know the other interns and they will grow with you in your career. Whenever it’s possible, get away from your desk and meet other people in your office.

Stay connected

Continue the relationships you’ve built after the internship ends. The truth is that sometimes getting an interview or job is about who you know or about what your former managers say about you. So keep in touch.