Career at PwC is all about you. Your personal and professional development, your achievements, your life long learning, your individuality and your choices. Whether you're just starting out or have a work experience already, your future starts here.


Internship makes a great way to find out about what kind of work you would really like to do, what keeps you motivated and how people you work with can help you learn new things.  Apply and make your own experience. Read more>


Worrying about your first days at PwC? You shouldn’t. Our portal for pre-hires and Onboarding programe will help you not only with the first days’ challenges, but also accelerate your career with us. Read more> 


We're committed to helping people develop market-leading expertise - their technicall, commercial and interpersonal skills. Learning at PwC is readily available in a diverse range of experiences.  Read more>


We announce all events in social media and local websites. Find the closeset one and meet us there!