Learning and development

At PwC, we're committed to helping people develop market-leading expertise that is relevant to their job, their clients and our PwC vision, values and strategy. This means that we develop not only your technical expertise, but also your commercial and interpersonal skills too. We think that learning at PwC should be readily available in a diverse range of experiences ranging from formal classroom sessions, working on complex client projects, working in different teams or locations, working on different clients and/or industries, solving interesting business problems and coaching conversations.

The way you develop

Our development approach is centred on three principles. This puts you in driver’s seat for your development. You have the ability to work closely with your coach to make your career goals a reality. You’ll do this by having regular coaching conversations to set the wheels in motion and to keep track of your progress.

Learning by doing

Sometimes, the largest learning is the one we do on-the-job. It’s doing something, perhaps for the first time. We often forget about this type of learning because it isn’t in a classroom. More often than not, we just jump in and try something. Learning by doing is teamed with capturing feedback to check in on how you’re going. It’s a great way to learn and we encourage our people to recognise it as a formal part of their development.

Learning from others

This is important to us because we value coaching and the power of role models. Being able to coach and be coached is a huge part of our learning approach at PwC. This means taking the time out to help develop one another and provide guidance, feedback and assistance where needed. We do this because we genuinely want all of our people to grow and develop. It means that we must all be open to feedback.

Formal approaches to learning.

We often think that this is the most important because it happens in a classroom or officially online, but it’s only a small part. It can happen in a variety of ways through face-to-face, webinars, e-learning and much more, for example our IQ branded mobile learning platform, that offers you learning on the move.

In your first two to three years you’ll focus on getting a good balance of business, personal and technical skills. For many, working towards a professional qualification will be part of your technical skills training.
You may experience different methods of learning, as we appreciate that people like to learn using different techniques, and benefit from the flexibility this brings. Methods range from classroom courses, e-learning and remote study supported by mobile and online learning tools, all are designed to help you build the skills and knowledge you need.
Professional Qualifications open up world of possibilities. We understand working towards a professional qualification is a significant commitment and requires self-discipline and motivation to achieve technical depth. But that’s not all. We have a strong set of programmes to ensure we develop long-standing relationships and can talk fluently about business blends, moves and opportunities. For our highest potential people there are exclusive programmes to develop Key Talent and Leadership.

Everyone is different, and we’ll make sure you have the support, guidance and advice you need. You’ll start having constructive and informative, one-to-one conversations about your development goals early, to build understanding of both us, and your longer-term opportunities.

We are a global company and offer you with a variety of career opportunities to broaden your skills. You will receive support through coaching, have opportunities to gain new experience in interesting projects, secondments, internal transfers between teams and departments or build a specialization. You can also take advantage of flexible working options, if you – later on – decide that you need more time for further studies, family, travel or hobbies. You will be the one building your own career path.

Living and working in another country or spending time in another service line can generate both personal and professional reward for you. You can improve your skills and expertise, broaden your cultural awareness, expand your network, increase confidence in dealing with challenging situations and learn from exposure to new ideas and processes. All this can also speed up your career progression.

These days most people working with us have a mobile device of one type or another. This provides new and exciting possibilities in the way we educate and communicate with our people – new possibilities in the type of media we can create and deliver, new possibilities in the way you receive and “consume” the media. Our IQ application provides you with secure access to PwC videos, podcasts, quick-reference guides, and mLearns – short e-learns for mobile devices.