Selection process - Experienced people

Our selection process is based on: getting to know you through your application form and interviews with our colleagues. We help you do your best from the very first step, and to shine. Learn more about stages of the selection process by clicking on the circles.


Find your position

On this site you can familiarize yourself with our business (Who we are) and our lines of service (What we do) to see what opportunities are of most interest to you, and then target the positions best suited to your skills, experience, and desired location. Go to Our vacancies page  and customize your search to locate a position that interests you, and apply online.

Apply online

Remember, first impressions count. The application form is a major opportunity to sell yourself. Get prepared and take time to complete it properly. You will be asked to add the following data and information: your personal details (e.g. name, contact details, phone number), and your language skills. You will also need to upload your CV(s). Also there might be some questions you will be expected to answer. Please make sure you’ve supplied us with full and accurate information.

The interviews

Based on your online application, we might ask you to come to our office and to be interviewed by our colleagues. Here we want to get to know you and discover your strengths and attributes. The interview is also an opportunity for you to learn more about us. It's a great chance for you to ask us questions about the job requirements and the nature of the work you would be required to do. Based on the role you are applying for and the office where you apply, the number of on–site interviews may differ.


You shouldn't have to wait too long. We'll let you know whether we'd like to make you an offer as soon after the final interview as possible. Before your start date you may find it useful to come back for a visit. This will allow you to have a more personalised, informal chat about what to expect once you join and take a look round the office.

What we look for

It's important to us that you are adequately informed about the format and competencies against which you'll be assessed in your interview. This will allow you to perform to the best of your ability. At PwC all our people are required to demonstrate certain core skills, which we refer to as our 'global core competencies'. These are assessed throughout the application process, and candidates should make themselves aware of these, and how their own experiences may demonstrate each competency.

Click on the bubbles to explore the details.

Communicate with Impact and Empathy

Being able to communicate and listen effectively to others is vital at PwC. You'll need to be a confident communicator, able to get your point across and be just as happy listening to other people's ideas and opinions. We will be looking for people who can express themselves clearly, both in conversation and on paper. We will be interested in hearing about times when you have presented to an audience, or written a document that made good things happen.

Sample question: Tell me about an occasion when you hav had to persuade others around to your way of thinking.

Acquire and Apply Commercial and Technical Expertise

PwC is passionate about providing our clients with services that contribute to their business success. You will be continually building on your commercial and technical expertise at PwC. This includes your ability to build relationships and empathize with clients - truly putting yourself in their shoes and understanding their business and needs. This means we'll want to know that you're the kind of person who does their research and who can review or evaluate an experience to work out what you learned, and how you apply that learning. You could find out more about our different business areas, and how you could add value to them. Due to the ever changing business environment it is also important to keep up to date with the latest business and relevant industry trends. Sample question: What do you do on an ongoing basis to stay up to date in your area of work/specialisation?

Be Open Minded, Agile with Change and Practical

Our business and client needs are constantly changing and that means we have to adapt our work structures and processes, while maintaining 100% commitment to delivering high quality work. You are also encouraged to actively seek opportunities to work on projects or teams in other areas of the business. We are looking for people who can think on their feet and adjust to lots of different situations – without compromising on standards.

Sample question: Please, give an example of when you have had to adopt a new way of working that was different from your preferred approach?

Demonstrate Courage and Integrity

We believe in acting with integrity in everything we do. This means upholding the best standards, adopting the right procedures and maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality. And if something is not right, we're not afraid to say so. That's why we are looking for the kind of person who is always professional and isn't afraid to speak their mind. We need people who can gain clear agreement and commitment from others through persuasion and negotiation; and most importantly, take responsibility for their actions.

Sample questions: Can you think of a situation when you have acted in a responsible manner, adhered to standards or procedures, maintained confidentiality and displayed professional attitude and appearance?

Lead and Contribute to Team Success

Striving for excellence through working as part of successful teams is key to our work. We will be looking for evidence of where you have worked in teams and contributed to your team's success. Sample question: Please, give an example of when you have worked as part of a team.

Manage Projects and Economics

Delivering work to high quality standards is essential to success in any role at PwC. We encourage staff to take responsibility to deliver results and solutions to our clients.We will be asking you to tell us about how you have managed your workload and utilised appropriate resources to meet deadlines.

Sample question: Please, give an example of when you have been working towards a deadline when the requirement changed.

Be Curious: Learn, Share and Innovate

At PwC, we value people who are able to take advantage of learning opportunities and share learning with their colleagues. We also encourage staff to use new information in novel ways, to think creatively about how we can improve the way we work. We will be looking for you to provide evidence of where you’ve demonstrated these skills in the past.

Sample question: Have you identified something that could be done better and taken steps to improve it?

Be Passionate about Client Service

PwC is passionate about providing our clients with exceptional services that contribute to their business success.We will be assessing your understanding of the services we provide and how we help to deliver business success for our clients.

Sample question: Please, tell me about any legislative standards affecting the Audit or Tax or Advisory sector that you are aware of.

Build and Sustain Relationships

Building relationships through rich internal and external networks helps us to propose effective solutions for our clients.

Sample question: how do you build and maintain your existing relationships at university, work or in other activities that you are currently involved with.

Develop Self and Others through Coaching

We place a strong emphasis on personal development, and on assisting others to develop. We are looking for people who can reflect on their past performances and recognize their own individual strengths and development needs, and who are also able to provide feedback fairly and constructively to others.

Sample question: Tell me about a time when you have set yourself personal development objectives.