Global Mobility

Our vision is to have an agile workforce on a global scale that can react to market opportunities and threats in real time — one that meets (and exceeds) the current and future needs and expectations of our clients, our people and our network. 


Key facts about our international assignment program

 global mobility

The route to a fulfilling career

Do you want to develop language skills, enjoy the taste of exotic cultures or experience life in a new dynamic city? Maybe you want to see how businesses operate in a different country. And are you hungry to develop the skill sets that will provide a passport to superb career opportunities in a truly global network?
Whatever your motivation, an International Assignment allows you to earn and seize the opportunity to work abroad. Not only will you make new friends and enjoy new life challenges, you'll work with a challenging variety of clients and build lasting professional and personal relationships.

Typically, you'd apply for your chosen destination once you have completed your qualification or have been with the firm for more than one year. Mobility is a key development tool at PwC; and the firm supports long-term assignments lasting two to three years, and provides short term opportunities that can last from one month to six months.

Global locations, global choices

A host of exciting destinations await our assignees  in major established economic centres and key developing global markets.
You will engage in dialogue, that will help you decide which town or city most interests you, and where your contribution would best fit the needs of our business. We'll then prepare you for your assignment through mentoring, skill development and training

Advantage: Your career

Your assignment abroad should generate lasting personal and professional rewards. Below are some of the advantages existing assignees said they have gained from going on an international assignment:

  • Accelerated career progression
  • Deeper personal development
  • Improved skills and expertise
  • Greater cultural awareness
  • Better understanding of international differences
  • Broader and closer global networks
  • Long-term friendships
  • Increased confidence in overcoming challenges
  • Enhanced creativity through exposure to new ideas

International assignments present an exciting prospect—but they're also challenging. International assignments are open to PwC people who have demonstrated excellent performance, along with the desire and commitment to gain international experience in their career.
You can achieve what you want—in your life and in your work.