Corporate & Fiduciary Services

PricewaterhouseCoopers (Bahamas) Limited provides an array of administrative, management, corporate secretarial and advisory services to both international and local clients.

The Bahamas is a jurisdiction free from Capital Gains, inheritance, Withholding, Profit Remittance, Corporate, Royalties, Sales, Personal Income, Dividends, Payroll and Interest Taxes. Our Corporate & Fiduciary Services team can assist you with setting up an International Business Company (IBC), a highly efficient tax structure. The IBC can be used for asset protection, tax and estate planning, commercial transactions and the holding of assets. There is complete confidentiality of beneficial owners and there is no minimum capital required.

Another increasingly popular alternative is the Bahamian Foundation, which is a hybrid of the Trust and the Company structure. The Foundation is excellent for estate and tax planning, segregation of assets, holding and management of assets and establishing charities. We can set up your Foundation and act in the capacity as the Foundation Agent. This is the structure of choice for persons living in civil law jurisdictions as our Bahamian Foundations do not recognize forced heir-ship laws.

Additionally, our services also include setting up Exempted Limited Partnerships, registration of Foreign Companies under the laws of The Bahamas and Company Continuations.

We also provide Company Regulatory Compliance, Statutory Record Keeping and Back Office services.

Contact us today and let our qualified corporate services professionals provide solutions for you to achieve your business and personal investments goals.