Banking and Wealth Management 

Banking and wealth management have been the cornerstone of The Bahamas’ financial services industry for several decades. The growing demand by wealthy private individuals for these services has moved The Bahamas to respond with modern, flexible legislation that engenders effective financial planning, through the availability of products such as Private Investment Companies, Trusts, Foundations, Private trust companies, etc.

The Firm has positioned itself well to take advantage of this growing demand, providing services to many of the Country’s and indeed the world’s premier financial institutions where we use our knowledge and leverage our global expertise to achieve results.

Our team’s knowledge and experience in the banking industry is diverse and extensive. Our goal is to provide sound, insightful and practical counsel in response to complex issues faced by financial institutions such as regulatory compliance and reporting, tax compliance, Know Your Customer & Anti Money Laundering regulations, increased competition and consumer demand for improved products and services.

Also as a part of a global network, we can assist with converting challenges into opportunities in core areas of your business such as in audit &assurance services, performance improvement & operational effectiveness consulting, IT controls, security review & advice, enterprise-wide risk management services, regulatory compliance and reporting, Know Your Customer & Anti-Money Laundering Advice and tax compliance.