Women in the spotlight

At PwC, we foster an inclusive culture. And we believe the best way to show that commitment is by letting our own people share their stories. Rebecca, Isabel, Janet and Elrene are just a few who inspire us every day.

Rebecca’s narrative

I have developed many new skills and qualities that will be valuable for my future career whether that be in my home country or overseas.... Read more

Isabel’s narrative

PwC provides us with regular opportunities to volunteer one’s time for community days sponsored by the Bermuda office. It has been wonderful seeing the ripple effect PwC has had on the community we live in. Read more

Janet’s narrative

A good coach is someone who listens to your hopes, dreams, ambitions and fears and allows you to find your own path by providing a safe environment for you to test out your ideas Read more

Elrene’s narrative

I chose PwC because of their commitment to my personal and professional growth Read more

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Women at PwC Bermuda