Women at PwC Bermuda

At PwC Bermuda, we are committed to ensuring women have the opportunity to build a rewarding career. Not just because it's the right thing to do, but because it’s a business issue that affects our bottom line. Our livelihood is dependent upon a diverse set of talented people; we know that six people with different ideas are more valuable than sixty people who all think the same.

Women represent half of our workforce with 15% in leadership positions. We want to see these numbers continue to grow and help more women climb the corporate ladder.

To address this, the women leaders of PwC Bermuda formed our women’s networking group. ‘AWARE’ –advancing women through attracting, retaining and empowering. AWARE seeks to bring our women together to provide opportunities for them to support themselves, and others, grow personally and professionally through leadership, education and networking. This group provides a strong support network for women of various needs: mentorship, health and wellness, flexible working arrangement, connectivity internally and externally and career development. We recognise that women come to Bermuda, some with limited support, and we want to ensure they have the tools to succeed as they transition into life on the island and have a rewarding career experience with our firm.

Globally PwC is investing both time and resources in similar initiatives which focus on our female talent. All of these initiatives relate to the distinctive experience which we aim to provide by focusing on enhancing their value, sharing and collaborating, and investing in teams and relationships.

Women at PwC