Women in the spotlight: Isabel

At PwC, we foster an inclusive culture. And we believe the best way to show that commitment is by letting our own people share their stories. Caroline, Rebecca, Isabel, Janet and Elrene are just a few who inspire us every day.

Isabel's story: The value of giving

When I look back over my career, I realise that there were moments when I sought out mentors and then other moments where mentors sought me. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for certain people within the firm (you know who you are!) who took an interest in helping me develop both professionally and personally. This ultimately resulted in me having the opportunity to transfer from our office in Harare to Bermuda where the culture of mentorship remains a daily active feature.

Not long after I arrived in Bermuda I was fortunate enough to become a volunteer ‘Big Sister’ for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters (BBBS) of Bermuda. The BBBS is a non-profit organisation that is focused on mentoring and developing young girls and boys through partnerships with volunteer adults. I have been in the programme for 6 months now and have the wonderful opportunity to mentor an 11 year-old girl. I am now able to apply skills that I have been receiving through my coaches and mentors at PwC. They have helped equip me in my endeavors to become a worthy ‘Big Sister’. I have learnt from the coaches who have impacted me the most that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.  I make sure my ‘Little Sister’ knows I care.

Working at PwC where you are considered as an individual, not just an employee makes a big difference. It has enabled me to maintain the balance between my professional life and volunteer activities which are really important to me.  In addition, PwC provides us with regular opportunities to volunteer one’s time for community days sponsored by the Bermuda office. It has been wonderful seeing the ripple effect PwC has had on the community we live in bringing truth to the statement; it’s more blessed to give than to receive. I encourage you to pause and consider: what can you give?