Total Rewards Solutions

Today's workforce demands to be compensated in a variety of ways. They look at base pay, annual and long term incentives, perquisites, benefit plans, and work/life programmes as deciding factors when choosing to stay with a current employer, or join a new company.

Whether your organisation operates in one, or many countries, HRS, with our global reach, is uniquely positioned to help you develop effective total rewards programmes on a local and international basis. Our experts help organisations implement programmes that meet the needs and strategy of your business, while complying with regulatory issues.

If this is your situation

  • You want to align reward strategies with business objectives to create value for shareholders;
  • You want to confirm that your current reward plans are tax-efficient;
  • Your employees do not understand their reward packages;
  • You want to ensure your reward plans are competitive in the marketplace and need to justify remuneration packages to shareholders and other stakeholders;
  • You need to comply with new legislation and corporate governance codes;
  • You need to make changes to your current benefit plans to contain future anticipated cost increases.
How PwC can support you
  • We have the ability to create reward plans that match the needs and strategy of your business;
  • We focus on balancing risk management, cost reduction and employee perception of value, within your plan design;
  • We are the only local practice that has a broad range of service offerings, including tax, market data, corporate governance, compliance and communications;
  • We have international reach, which allows us to align reward plans on a global basis;
  • We offer comprehensive pay benchmarking and survey capability.
PwC Total Rewards Services:
  • Total Reward Strategy, Design and Implementation
  • Executive and Employee Compensation Programmes
  • Cost–Benefit and Benchmarking Analysis
  • Incentive Tax Planning Advice
  • Job and Salary Structuring
  • Equity Plan Services
  • Job Analysis and Evaluation
  • Tradition and Alternative Benefits
  • Perquisites and Quality of Work Life Programmes