Strategic HR Consulting & Communication Services

Whether your organisation is a startup, well established, preparing for an M&A transaction or any other organisational change, HRS works with clients to define vision, values and strategic goals that impact your people agenda. We assist companies by identifying gaps that exist between the requirements of its strategy and employees’ current performance levels.

We also identify people and change management issues that affect the implementation of an effective HR communication strategy, and provide solutions designed not to simply ‘get a message across’ but to help employees engage with, and safeguard, corporate aims and reputation.

If this is your situation

  • You need to align HR strategy with business strategy;
  • You want your employees to understand and buy-in to business goals and objectives;
  • You are concerned that the key attributes of your organisational culture are not clearly defined;
  • You would like to communicate internally the changes to the overall business strategy that stem from a recent reorganisation, merger and acquisition, or new business venture;
  • You need to communicate effectively the business rationale for recent changes to the current benefits plan, and how employees can better utilise the available services.
How PwC can support you
  • We design your HR strategy to address immediate and long-term business needs;
  • We maintain an effective flow of information that focuses on stimulating behavioural change and innovation and delivering on business results;
  • We help you to become an employer of choice and attract and retain talent critical to your business;
  • We develop solutions to assist acceptance during periods of intense change in companies;
  • We identify the key macro messages that best describe the company’s financial goals and business strategy.
PwC Strategic HR Consulting and Communication Services:
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Employment Branding
  • Change Management Communications
  • HR Programs and Benefits Communications
  • Workforce Reduction Communications
  • Key Stakeholder Interviews
  • Employee Focus Groups Facilitation
  • Outplacement Advice and Counseling