Enterprise Risk Management

In the face of market uncertainty and growing demands from regulators, shareholders, rating agencies and others, a disciplined, formalized, but effective approach to managing risk can help companies become risk resilient – avoiding unanticipated losses and providing the clarity and framework necessary to enable confident, risk informed decision making.

Risk resilient organizations objectively assess their existing risk management capabilities, evaluate their organizational culture with regard to risk, performance and reward, and implement sustainable risk management practices.

If this is your situation

  • You want to identify and assess risks that may prevent the achievement of your business objectives.
  • You need to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of current risk responses against the full breadth of strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks.
  • You need to reduce cost and improve effectiveness of governance, risk and compliance activities.
  • You want to design and implement a practical or best-in-class Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program.
  • You need to evaluate the effectiveness of your risk culture.

How PwC can help you

Whether your key risks are strategic, commercial, financial, operational, investment or transaction specific, PwC ERM professionals can help you identify the nature of risk exposures, quantify these risks and establish an appropriate risk management framework. By helping you truly understand an embedded ERM framework we can help you make informed risk decisions - such as which risks you can live with and which ones require active management. We focus on optimizing opportunities, growth and returns, as opposed to just avoiding risk.

Extending Enterprise Risk Management

In the past several years, many large scale events that were once thought unlikely, distant, or isolated -climate change, energy supply volatility, overhaul of technology, and the global liquidity crisis, to name a few - have manifested and changed the course of business for many organizations.

Such global or "emerging" risks are systemic in nature and typically span beyond the capacity of a single enterprise to contain. While their likelihood may have once been deemed low, their impact is so significant - potentially franchise destroying or opportunity generating - that they cannot be ignored. Not surprisingly, understanding unknowns has become a boardroom issue.

For those companies who have already embedded ERM in their culture, our team can discuss with you a systematic approach to emerging risk identification, assessment and management as part of their overall approach to ERM.

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