Structuring and Feasibility Services

Making the right choices early:

Successful captive operations need to be thoroughly researched and properly planned. Every client has different needs; consequently every captive structure is different. Maximising the benefits to be gained from your captive means understanding and responding to the various business needs and concerns within your organization. To do this effectively, you need a service provider with broad range of skills.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has a proven track record of delivering high-quality captive insurance solutions throughout the Captive Lifecycle. What differentiates us is our multi-disciplinary Team Approach. Our clients have access to our team of risk management, actuarial, tax (US federal, state and international), regulatory and accounting professionals.

The result – a menu of captive structuring services ranging from providing turnkey captive solutions to providing specific supplementary expertise to your existing team in support of an existing captive initiative which is perhaps being led internally or by another service provider (eg, broker or captive consultant).

It’s more than just running some numbers

We offer a broad range of services. Our professionals are ready to assist you with all aspects of the captive establishment process including:

  • Risk management reviews;
  • Tax structuring and opinions;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Formation assistance; and
  • Regulatory consulting.
Our experienced team of captive experts will work with you to complete a comprehensive feasibility analysis which addresses the variety of ways in which the captive will impact your organisation, (eg, Insurance /Risk Management, Tax, Finance, Accounting, Treasury, Legal, Operations), as well as addressing your questions and discussing opportunities.

Specifically we can:
  • Help you identify the right resources in your organisation to ensure the feasibility analysis considers all business drivers and requirements;
  • Assist in identifying risks and limits that potentially may be insured by the captive;
  • Evaluate the appropriate arm's length/market premium to be charged by the captive;
  • Advise on the form and structure of the captive insurance arrangements;
  • Advise on the optimal location of the captive within your organisational structure;
  • Provide insight into which captive domicile aligns best with your particular goals;
  • Advise on the considerations in making a domicile selection;
  • Advise on structuring the captive and the insurance program to best meet your federal income tax objectives;
  • Assist in evaluating the benefits of onshore vs offshore domiciling;
  • Advise on the potential transactional taxes which may be imposed;
  • Advise on capital requirements and capitalisation options;
  • Assist in the identification of alternative investment strategies;
  • Assist in quantifying the expected net benefits of the captive strategy including cash flow, operating costs and federal and state law consequences;
  • Help in addressing management questions as to the captive's operating procedures, cash flow, accounting and tax considerations and other matters;
  • Provide an actuarial analysis to support pro forma financial information provided to domicile regulators;
  • Assist in drafting the captive's business plan and pro forma financial information;
  • Facilitate the domicile service provider selection process; and
  • Assist our clients with the establishing introductory meetings with domicile regulators to present the plan for the captive.

Whatever your particular needs, our experienced team of captive professionals and our efficient, flexible, business-like approach will enable you, with minimal business disruption, to properly understand and communicate the benefits of a captive insurance company.