Corporate Reporting

Given the greater levels of scrutiny that are being assigned to the role of corporate governance, it should not come as any surprise that the corporate-reporting function is also the subject of heightened interest. This collection of PwC thought leadership offers some new ideas for this on-going responsibility, including ways to create competitive advantage via enhanced reporting, as well as an examination of what PwC calls “integrity-driven performance.”

PwC Management Barometer Survey
PwC's "Management Barometer" is a quarterly survey of top executives in large multinational businesses.
Each quarter, PwC's Management Barometer survey interviews a regular panel of approximately 130 US executives from large, publicly held companies. The average revenue is $10.5 billion and responses represent a range of industries.
The Management Barometer provides a continuing perspective the latest plans for major new investments, new hiring, barriers to future growth, and more.