Corporate Reporting

Given the greater levels of scrutiny that are being assigned to the role of corporate governance, it should not come as any surprise that the corporate-reporting function is also the subject of heightened interest. This collection of PwC thought leadership offers some new ideas for this on-going responsibility, including ways to create competitive advantage via enhanced reporting, as well as an examination of what PwC calls “integrity-driven performance.”

PwC's Global Best Practices paper on Organizational Structure
This is the second paper in a series on best practices for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). A strong organizational structure is key in helping companies use their overall GRC activities effectively to improve bottom-line and risk-management performances. It examines the impact of a company’s organizational structure on the reporting relationships between different functions and positions of management and staff. It also identifies the individuals who manage and control key functional areas and resources.
New—PwC’s Global Best Practices Paper on Compliance Monitoring
World-class companies are embracing a vision of compliance that aligns compliance monitoring processes with the operational policies needed to protect and improve the franchise. By integrating compliance monitoring processes, leading companies are better able to meet their regulatory obligations, manage risk, and enhance business performance. Read GBP's report on compliance monitoring.
PwC Management Barometer Survey
PwC's "Management Barometer" is a quarterly survey of top executives in large multinational businesses.
Each quarter, PwC's Management Barometer survey interviews a regular panel of approximately 130 US executives from large, publicly held companies. The average revenue is $10.5 billion and responses represent a range of industries.
The Management Barometer provides a continuing perspective the latest plans for major new investments, new hiring, barriers to future growth, and more.