What we do: Advisory

PwC’s expert Advisory consultants are relied on by clients to help overcome a range of challenges. The advice we provide helps them plan their businesses more strategically and more securely, while complying with ever-more complex regulations.

Solutions at every turn

Performance improvement consulting

This team looks at how clients can improve the effectiveness of different functions, from finance to HR, from operations to IT, so that each function’s purpose is aligned with overall business strategy, or is re-configured during periods of change.

Internal audit

Our Internal Audit team works with organisations who do not have existing internal audit functions, but also those that have their own teams but require additional resource/specialist skills. Work typically includes:
  • Financial audit – analysing transactions, assessing whether they’re correctly authorised and accounted for;and
  • Operational audit – looking at areas not impacting the financial statements, but impacting the companys overall operations and risk management. In addition, our Internal Audit team works closely with clients as they design and test their systems of internal control for the purposes of complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley act.
Systems & process assurance

We advise clients on how to structure and support their IT functions, and capitalise on technology for more strategic purposes. Our work also encompasses day-to-day operations, data management and privacy and systems implementation.

Enterprise risk management

Our ERM professionals look at clients’ business operations and internal controls framework to identify risks associated with how they conduct their business, recommending appropriate measures and helping clients make risk decisions – such as which risks they can live with and which ones they may need to more actively manage.

Business continuity planning

Our clients need to know how well-prepared they are to recover should disaster strike; how they’d return to business as usual with minimum disruption. Our Advisory consultants help them ask all the right questions of themselves to ensure they have the people and systems in place for optimum continuity.

Regulatory compliance

Particularly within financial services, clients face increasingly stringent regulatory challenges. We help them incorporate compliance into their business plans, liaise with the authorities and improve their own processes; we also work with regulators themselves, assisting them to benchmark against international jurisdictions.

A constant learning curve

Although our people join primarily after having trained in Assurance, they nevertheless find themselves developing a whole new array of skills within Advisory. At PwC, our clients’ challenges become our challenges – meaning that each new assignment presents a brand new opportunity to grow your expertise, whether technically or from a more interpersonal perspective. As you further specialise – within a service or industry – you’ll find your skill set called on by successful businesses large and small.