What we do: Actuarial

It is the job of actuaries to use sophisticated modelling techniques and their analytical prowess to help organisations manage and mitigate financial risk, including risk that might arise from unforeseen events. With the insurance and reinsurance sectors such crucial players in the island’s economy, PwC’s Actuarial & Insurance Management Solutions (AIMS) team is in big demand by clients large and small.

Finding clients the solutions they need

The vast majority of our team’s work revolves around the general (non-life) insurance and reinsurance sectors in Bermuda; however, we also carry out work on behalf of non-insurance clients – such as government and regulatory authorities. This provides a different slant to the opportunities we can offer to students and experienced hires alike.

We help clients predict the future. How much money should they hold for future claims payments? What sort of capital reserves will ensure they don’t go bust? What’s the ideal framework they should have in place for their own actuarial processes? Our actuarial team helps clients reach the answers to these questions and much more.

We also provide modelling services to banks dealing in complex financial market instruments – and especially in the current economic climate, we deploy all our analytical and communication skills to add value to banking clients’ business.

The number one player

We have a small but expert actuarial team that’s nevertheless the largest on the island. We believe the variety of work to which you’ll gain exposure is one of our main points of appeal. Much of our work is conducted alongside colleagues in other service lines (typically assurance or internal audit), so you’ll find your business vision is far from confined to a purely actuarial perspective.

You’ll be supported in studies towards professional designations, leading to membership of prestigious US or British actuarial bodies. You’ll develop transferable, portable skills, opening up career opportunities on a global scale. You’ll have a career coach within the team, as well as a mentor from elsewhere in the firm who’ll guide your thinking as your career progresses with PwC.

Going forward, you’ll have the flexibility to advance your career in other businesses, such as pensions or life – in fact, most of the CEOs in the Bermudian reinsurance sector have an actuarial training. By training in PwC’s AIMS team, you’ll enjoy a superb platform from which to springboard into business.