What we do: Trust and accounting services

Our trust and accounting services group provides administrative and corporate support to a diverse group of international and local clients including investment and insurance companies.

International interaction

Corporate clients include exempted, local and permit companies. Our trust company acts as trustee, executor, protector or administrator of private, charitable or purpose trusts and works with both local and UK trusts.

Many of these exempted companies who request our services have limited resources on island. We provide them with a range of accounting and administrative services so that they can concentrate on developing other aspects of their businesses. Our specialised team has built up an excellent reputation over the years and is well-respected locally.

Specialised skills

Careers within trust and accounting services at PwC require a range of specialised skills, such as knowledge of trust and corporate legislation, bookkeeping, administration and banking.

If you have an interest in accounting, administration or finance, this department may appeal to you. As part of the trust and accounting group, you’ll have access to all the opportunities and resources on offer at PwC including ongoing training and development programmes and input and guidance from senior staff. We have had employees who started off in this area and then move on to Assurance to work towards their accounting qualifications.