Careers: Meet our people: Hataya


‘I was strongly attracted to PwC because of the way they presented the structured environment in which I’d be able to learn the fundamentals I felt I needed to become an actuary. I had – and still have – the sense that, with their support, my career can go anywhere I wanted. There’s something about that factor that’s uniquely PwC.

‘I was a career changer – I’d previously been working as a police constable – but there was no harping on about my limited experience; it was all about my potential and giving me the opportunity to grow, which was really refreshing. At other interviews, it was about wanting me only to work, not to learn.

‘I’ve been here since January 2008 – my responsibilities encompass dealing mainly with captives in the actuarial team, as well as providing occasional audit support. If the audit team has an actuarial review, then I’ll review memoranda and reports, check all the information, pull out relevant data and set the tasking process in motion.

‘I receive an enormous amount of help – there’s always an open door, even for the simplest question. When I ask questions, they take you through the thought process to the answer, which helps me to work things out for myself in the future. So I’m learning a lot, which makes it enjoyable to come into work every day; it’s a good environment to work in. I’ve now grasped the fundamentals.

‘My mentor is great. Together, we carry out a six-monthly review of my personal development; I also have monthly meetings with another manager where I can ask for advice about my studies, especially any concepts I’ve come across that I’ve not dealt with at work yet. I really feel that PwC is committed to my professional and personal growth and that the possibilities for promotion are real.

‘On the social front, it’s excellent – there are lots of events; last month, there was even a firm-organised beach party. The socials are all great for getting together and shooting the breeze with people in other teams; they help to break the ice and it’s great for building a good team atmosphere across the office.

‘The openness is fantastic – everyone communicates and I’m confident I’ll be given the opportunity to learn just about anything I want. If you show enthusiasm, you get given a free reign.’