Careers: Meet our people - Elrene

‘I enjoy PwC as it allows me to continue my education while obtaining valuable work experience. I considered joining other firms, but what drew me to PwC was the firm's commitment to developing me as an individual around both my personal goals and the firm's objectives. The firm's core values around relationship-building, continued learning, striving for excellence and contributing to the community are aligned with who I am as an individual and my personal interests.  

Prior to obtaining degrees in accounting and an MBA in International Management, I spent five years as a Special Needs Coordinator in an educational program, English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher in Puerto Rico and an elementary school teacher. Even though I had previous business experience, the transition to accounting was daunting at first. However, PwC's coaching and learning and development programs are designed so that as long as you're willing to do your part, everyone is committed to helping you learn and develop the skill set necessary to be a successful individual.

For me, having options and the opportunity to experience many different things is important. I discovered that I liked accounting when my mentor in my business program, a CFO, suggested that I pursue accounting based on my personal and professional goals. In my experience, the skills that are learned in the accounting profession provide a solid foundation not only for a career in business, but they can be applied to almost any career path that is taken. 

Being with PwC provides many choices for development that can be tailored to what you want for your future. For example, I can leverage what I learned as a teacher to teach training courses and coach new associates. The accounting profession also focuses on leadership skills which prepares me to take leadership roles in organizations that I am involved in outside of work. Lastly, the accounting profession allows for continuous education, the option to travel to different places and the opportunity to interact with a wide range of individuals which are aligned with what I want out of a career. 

At PwC not only do I have the opportunity to do the things that I love, but I've also been able to network with a great staff of individuals who've opened my eyes to broader possibilities. As the third of my family members to start their careers with the firm, I can definitely say that PwC has had a positive impact on my life.’