International Assignments

In a competitive and constantly changing local and global marketplace companies endeavour to sustain the productivity and motivation of their executives and staff. People are more than ever concerned with their personal income tax liabilities and this should not be a surprise - personal income tax and social security contributions have a direct impact on their disposable income.

With today’s complex tax legislation optimisation of personal taxation requires knowledge of the very finest details. Heavy cost-controls on companies also limit financial flexibility for improving employee remuneration packages.

Adding an international assignment to the equation seems even more complicated. However, this is a reality which cannot be ignored, as in today’s globalised world, companies deal more and more often with cross-border immigration, tax and social security issues.

PwC can help you create a real and lasting difference to personal wealth, while optimising employee costs for companies. We assist our clients with inbound and outbound assignee issues, as well as with local staff matters.

We can offer the following services:

Visa and immigration

Income tax and social security consulting and compliance:

  • Tax planning
  • Assistance and consultations regarding tax compliance
  • Coordinating all tax-related paperwork for an assignment
  • Analyzing filing positions and making recommendations
  • Preparing necessary tax returns
  • Providing hypothetical tax calculations
  • Assisting with tax authorities and inquiries
  • Advice on the application of tax and social security treaties
  • Advice on tax effectiveness of global equity-based compensation programs
  • Social security planning and compliance, including EU legislation

One more thing to consider: very often international assignees feel like “picked” from home and “dropped” in a totally new foreign environment. We can support you and them to make the adjustment smoother by reducing the variables and letting you focus on the real business operations.

Why PwC? We have the required knowledge and expertise and we deliver high quality services. We listen to our clients and tailor our approach according to their needs. We believe that meeting our clients' needs is fundamental to our service approach and the most meaningful measure of our success.