Tips for better performance

TIps for better performanceAt PwC all our members of staff are required to demonstrate certain core skills or competencies. These skills are assessed throughout all stages of the recruitment process, and candidates should make themselves aware of these, and how their own experiences may demonstrate each skill or competency.

Personal development and assisting others to develop

We are looking for people, who can reflect on their past performances, recognize individual strengths and development needs, and who are also able to provide feedback fairly and constructively to others.

Ability to express yourself fluently and clearly

Being able to communicate, listen effectively to others and use influencing skills as appropriate is vital at PwC.

Learning and creative thinking

We will be looking for you to provide evidence on how you took advantage of learning opportunities, shared learning with colleagues and demonstrated creative thinking in previous experience.

Excellence through working as part of successful teams

We will be looking for evidence of where you have worked in teams and contributed to your team's success.

Exceptional services to our clients

We will be assessing your understanding of the services we provide and how we contribute to our clients’ business success.

Building relationships through rich internal and external networks

We will be asking you to tell us about how you build and maintain your existing relationships at university, work or other activities you are currently involved with.

Honesty and integrity

We will be looking for evidence of when you have had to adhere to standards or procedures, maintain confidentiality or questioned behaviour that you felt was inappropriate.

Delivering work to high quality standards

We will be asking you to tell us about how you have managed your workload and utilized appropriate resources to meet deadlines.

Approaching change positively

We will be asking you to talk about when you have had to deal with changing priorities/workloads and how you dealt with this.

High level of technical/professional skills and knowledge

We will be assessing your knowledge (if applicable) of the professional qualification you wish to undertake and your understanding of current business issues.