Assessment center

Assesment Cener

The Assessment center is designed especially for the graduate position of Audit Associate within our Assurance Line of Service.

The Assessment center may include some of the following stages:

  • Accounting questions – You will be given three accounting questions to answer in Bulgarian or in English. If your answers are not clear enough, some additional questions could be asked, so we could clarify your understanding.
  • Question in writing – You will be asked to answer in writing to a basic question in English , so we could check your writing skills in English.
  • Excel exercise – You will be given an accounting exercise in Excel with three or four tasks, so we could check your technical knowledge level.
  • Group exercise – You will have to work on a business case in a group with other candidates. We will be looking on your group attendance, pro-activeness, decision making and cooperation with others.
  • Open questions – You will be asked different soft-skills and situation questions by our colleagues. This is the time when you could ask your questions too.

The Assessment centre will take approximately 4 hours. This may sound a lot, but the centre is designed to be as interesting and enjoyable as possible, giving you the chance to demonstrate your best qualities and find out as much as possible about the work life at PwC.