Integrity and Professionalism

For the past 30 years, successive governments in Barbados have diligently constructed a framework of legislation designed to encourage foreign investment and establish the island as a leading international business centre in the Caribbean.

Today, Barbados is a highly respected domicile for such entities as International Insurance Companies, International Business Companies, International Banks, Socieities with Restricted Liabilities, International Trusts and Mutual Funds.

Throughout the process of enacting and refining the laws governing international business, the county has rigorously safeguarded its reputation for integrity, responding quickly to such international concerns as money laundering and lack of transparency.

Indeed, while offering a low-tax environment to international businesses, Barbados has, from the very beginning, chosen to establish a high level of transparency and a cooperative approach to information sharing with tax authorities in other countries.

Professional Services

The island provides an excellent range of professional services - and highly skilled professionals - to meet the needs of the international business sector.