Geography, Climate and Population


Barbados is the most easterly of the Caribbean Islands. With an area of 166 square miles, it is situated approximately 1600 miles southeast of Miami, Florida. The island is easily accessible by frequent scheduled flights from Miami (3.5 hours), New York City (4.5 hours), Toronto (5.5 hours), London (England) and Brussels (8 hours).


Barbados has a tropical climate and relatively high average temperatures and humidity. However, these conditions are moderated by the cooling effect of strong North East trade winds that blow over the island.

Temperatures during the day rarely exceed 30C (86F). During November through March, conditions tend to be a few degrees cooler, while the months of July through October are generally more humid and wet.


The resident population of the island is approximately 270,000. Approximately 94% of Barbadians are of African descent, with the remainder being of European descent and other nationalities.