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PayWell 2011

We welcome you to join!

PwC invites you to participate in the 2011  salaries and benefits survey PayWell Azerbaijan!

Since 2006, PwC has been conducting salary and benefits surveys in the Azerbaijani market for various industry sectors such as: Oil and Gas, Financial, Construction,  Telecom and IT and other sectors. The Survey includes many companies of these industries and more than 90 analyzed positions.

Participation details:

Participation in PayWell survey involves providing information on salary levels and compensation and benefits policies within your company by filling in two questionnaires:

  • Salary data collection sheet, which gathers data on: gross annual salary, base and total pay, main benefits offered per position: job matching catalogue based on PwC standard Strata methodology.
  • Compensation & Benefits policy questionnaire, which gathers information on company compensation policies and employee benefits.

The PwC team will conduct job matching workshops to ensure correct application of the methodology and will provide you with on-going support to ease the process of filling in data.

Data Confidentiality

The data collected during the survey will be treated as strictly confidential. Security measures include: coding data, limiting the number of consultants working on the project and presenting only summary findings in the final report.

Reports content

Annual report includes:

  • Salary statistics for overall market and per sector (if requested);
  • Salary statistics for individual job positions;
  • Statistics on annual base salary and annual pay (in US$);
  • Statistics on annual fixed income and on annual total income;
  • Information on number of job holders and number of companies that provided the data on each position.


The Survey participation fee is US$ 1,500 (18% VAT excl.).


Participation in the Survey saves you 60% of the Survey fee for non-participants!             


Please, complete and return to us the Participation Form by 3 June 2011.


For further information, please contact

Yegana Mamedova

Human Resource Consultant

Land line:     +(994) 12 497 25 15

Fax:                +(994) 12 497 74 11