Azerbaijan Salary Survey 2010

We are happy to announce that the PwC Azerbaijan Salary & Benefits Survey 2010 has been released and available for you to buy!

This Survey prepared by a group of highly qualified PwC HR professionals in close cooperation with the leading companies in the main industrial sectors of Azerbaijan intends to serve as a useful guide in managing human resources, and other key HR processes in running the business of your company.

Our Survey contains the results of the fourth edition of PwC Salary & Benefits Survey 2010. The survey summarizes compensation and employee benefits trends in Azerbaijan providing statistical data on base salaries and total remuneration for around 60 core positions from the Oil & Gas, Telecommunication, Financial and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Along with our annual surveys, our methodology has been continuously improved to meet the needs of the participants. For this year, PwC has developed consistent regional data collection and job matching tools, including a revised job catalogue containing more than 500 positions and a job classification system. Our Survey contains detailed salary statistics for each position.

Why to Buy?

The most recent economic trends show that following two years of recession, Azerbaijan is progressing in line with the rest of the world on its road to recovery. Increasing GDP and stabilization of most macro-economic indicators have also had a positive impact on the labor market. Hiring and employee turnover are back on the agenda as salient HR issues, which means that salaries and benefits will pick up again, if even at a slower pace than in the years of economic boom.

Having purchased the PwC Azerbaijan Salary & Benefits Survey 2010 you will get your professional guide into such critical issues as cost control together with the need to reward and retain employees as well as enhanced productivity levels that have been identified as the key priorities for HR in 2011.

What’s the Price?

The price per one copy of the Survey is USD 2,500 (18 % VAT excl.) and will be sent to you electronically or in a printed format at additional cost for printing.

How to Buy?  

Please, call or send an email indicating the number of copies of the Survey you want to buy to Yegana Mamedova at tel: (+994 12 497 2515) or email: