Advisory Services

At PwC, we help organizations implement their business strategies by consulting with them to build effective organizations, innovate and grow, reduce costs, manage risk and regulation and leverage talent. Our aim is to support you in designing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change.

We provide support and consulting services to local and international organizations in both the private and the public sector. We combine the strengths of local relationships and global reach to deliver solutions to your business needs. We implement local solutions by drawing on a wealth of global knowledge and experience available through the PwC global network of firms.

Our three dimensional approach can be characterized as:

Practical applicability - We strive to implement practical ideas and solutions which will lead to visible results;

Active approach - We seek to transfer our knowledge and skills, so that the organization can successfully maintain the obtained changes in place, on its own strength;

Involvement and cooperation - We build on what is already present with regards to instruments, knowledge and skills.

Our service can be subdivided in 4 product lines, which support and partly overlap each other, namely:

  • strategy
  • human resource management
  • process management
  • information technology