PwC Advisory hosts event called “Big Data on a small island”

    Willemstad– Last week PwC Advisory Dutch Caribbean in collaboration with PwC Netherlands hosted a seminar in Aruba and Curaçao named, Big Data on a small island. Aim of the event was to enable the participating companies to experience the potential of their company’s data through the Big Data Analytics Services PwC now offers. The event also served as a milestone to launch this service in the Dutch Caribbean.

    Ruben Goedhoop, Director Advisory PwC Dutch Caribbean opened the seminar by explaining the process of getting this new service to the islands. PwC Dutch Caribbean started this process in collaboration with PwC Netherlands approximately two years ago. Ruben also explained the importance for our small communities to stay up-to-date with Big Data in order to become the Silicon Islands of the Caribbean. Local companies either do not collect data or collect data without using it effectively. Through this seminar PwC aimed to show the participants how the Big Data Analytics Services can support them with their data analysis, in order to improve their strategies and operations.

    Other speakers at the event were: André Mikkers, Partner Forensics and European Data Analytics leader, Gunilla Verbeke, Manager Forensics & Technology Solutions and Jacques de Swart, Partner Data & Analytics.

    André Mikkers, elaborated further on the PwC Global Data & Analytics. André explained about the Data Experience Lab in Amsterdam and gave various examples of projects which were successfully executed in the Netherlands, using the system mentioned prior. Gunilla Verbeke, gave a presentation which focused more on business cases that reflected the importance of how data and information can be used to analyze various aspects of a company. 

    Jacques de Swart, then presented various tools PwC uses to do data analysis which will help local companies make pragmatic decisions concerning their strategies. These strategies could be on a product level, human resource level or operational level. PwC uses a combination of data generated by the company itself supported with data that is publically available.

    The seminar was closed by Ruben Goedhoop, with the official launch of the Data Analytics Lab & Services, a new and unique service in the Caribbean. PwC Dutch Caribbean started a new and innovation era in the Caribbean, with this new service.