Effective tax planning is vital for the growth and development of any organisation. Very few major business decisions can be taken without considering their tax implications. In Armenia, where the tax and legal system is complex and subject to constant revision, professional advice is even more of a necessity to achieve success. Expected tax reforms over the next two years will also challenge businesses, as they seek to understand the changes and what they mean in practical terms.

Our team of local and expatriate professionals have the skills and experience in all areas of taxation – corporate and personal, direct and indirect – to help clients maximise their tax advantages and minimise their exposures. We advise international companies based upon our knowledge of Armenian tax legislation and its interrelationship with national and international laws and also treaties. This knowledge, together with our focus on specific markets and industries, helps us to add value to our clients' businesses and give them the edge they need in the marketplace.

Specific tax areas where we can assist include:

Corporate tax: We advise clients based on Armenian laws and their interpretation by tax authorities, as well as their interrelation with international regulations and treaties. We advise on all aspects of inward investments into Armenia, and the structuring of those investments in terms of corporate income tax, withholding tax, dividend tax and local tax regulations. The team provides proactive advice on international tax planning and structuring, mergers and restructuring, and undertakes company health checks and due diligence projects, as well as assistance with tax authorities (during tax inspections and lodging of objections).

Value added tax (VAT): We help clients resolve complex issues related to indirect taxes, including VAT consultancy and tax reviews, VAT planning and efficiency schemes for domestic and cross-border operations, assistance during tax inspections, and support and advice during appeals.

Personal tax: Our services related to individuals range from assisting with obtaining residence permits to advice and assistance with all matters regarding Armenia's personal income taxation legislation and social security system.

Compliance services: With the increasing focus on governance and regulation, tax compliance has never been so important. Compliance failure represents not only a financial risk but also a serious business risk, as it can damage the reputation of a business with the authorities and the public. PricewaterhouseCoopers can help you manage your tax compliance issues, risks and opportunities, allowing you to have firm control. We can help you, both within Armenia and cross-border, with preparing and reviewing tax returns and computations, negotiating with tax authorities, corporate income tax, indirect tax, property and land tax compliance, and payroll.