PayWell Albania 2012

Salary and Benefits Survey

PwC has been conducting salary and benefits surveys since 1994 for various industry sectors in several CEE & CIS Countries. Our annual public survey, PayWell –Salary and Benefits Survey is part of our service offering in: Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

PwC Albania is launching the 1st edition of PayWell Salary and Benefits Survey, which will result in a detailed report on salary statistics and compensation and benefits policies, operated by the companies active on the Albanian market.

 About participation in the PayWell Albania 2012 Salary and Benefits Survey

If you are interested in participating in the Survey, please complete the following form and one of the PayWell account managers will contact you to initiate the process.


 About PayWell Albania 2012 Salary and Benefits survey
PayWell report is a tool created to assist the HR professionals and companies’ decision-makers to develop competitive HR policies that attract, motivate and retain talents that support the business strategy.

PayWell 2012 survey report provides specific information covering three main areas:
  • Salary ranges for general and specific jobs for the analysed sectors
  • Compensation policies review
  • Benefits policy review

Please see below a presentation with regard to the methodology survey:

Presentation - PayWell Albania 2012 Salary and Benefits survey

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