Working with us

International Qualifications
For all our service lines, we strongly encourage and support our staff in attaining appropriate professional qualifications which are recognized locally and/or internationally.
Our staff in Assurance and Tax services line study for the internationally recognized examinations of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). This series of examinations (14 examinations over 3 to 4 years) is a major commitment by our people and by the firm, and involves staff attending up to 4 weeks classroom based tuition in preparation for the exams.
Our Tax staff attends PwC Tax Academy which is a  four year training programme intended for new Tax Consultants across Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in altogether 21 countries!
PwC Tax Academy was launched to offer you a consistent and high quality training program which provides you with the opportunity to develop all the technical and business skills that you need for work.
Internal PwC courses
PwC organizes internal courses for its employees, which differ according to the work experience and knowledge of the participants.
Local events and seminars
Our employees are members of various local business organizations and participate in informative events and seminars in order to address highly specific issues or new methodologies in the field of tax, finance and management consultations.