Our Approach

On the basis of the PriceWaterhouseCoopers approach to client service, we have formulated the following statements as our guidelines.

  • Credibility

Irrespective of ownership, line of trade and size, it serves our clients best to have credible auditing and business advice. The firm inspires credibility because we insist on a high level of independence and professionalism in our work.
  • Commitment

Thorough knowledge of our clients’ businesses is the foundation of the value and quality of our work and our service. We work with commitment and diligence with each individual client’s activities, trade, market, organization, and culture.
  • A progressive service concept

Our work is based on a service concept, which is an integral part of our quality assurance. We focus on our clients’ expectations of our work and always make every effort to go beyond these expectations. That’s why we seek open-minded communication and continuous evaluation of our service.
  • Innovative thinking

Far-sighted planning is a precondition that decisions made today are of any value tomorrow. Therefore, we give high priority to innovative thinking and continuously develop our working methods to the benefit of our clients.
  • Efficiency

We demand a high degree of efficiency in our work, and we work on the basis of concepts, which ensure a continuous improvement of our efficiency. Efficiency is secured through the composition of teams, planning and choice of tool.
  • Knowledge

Our thorough knowledge of national and regional matters is put in a special perspective by our outstanding global organization. This fact provides exceptional benefits to our internationally oriented clients.
  • Cooperation

Our clients’ close contact to key persons in the firm ensures uncomplicated access to the expertise offered by our entire national and global organization. We want trusting, personal and direct cooperation, which produces results.